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DataDog Consulting

We've been working within the DataDog ecosystem for years and our team has configured pipelines passing millions of traces and logs into DataDog daily.  

How We Help

We provide dedicated technical assistance and consulting for DataDog via our CTO as a Service offering. 

Dedicated Tech

Modern cloud computing operations can be complicated with the number of integrations, rules, and systems involved. We empower you by serving as a dedicated tech resource that you can leverage to help with issues and strategize approaches for improvement.


We help you configure APMs and Dashboards so you can monitor your application workloads properly.


We can help you configure APMs for your services and even RUM applications for frontend analytics. This process can be involved and usually requires build pipelines configurations to attach the DataDog agent, skillsets that we have ready.


We help configure your log pipelines so that you get key information ingested without paying insane prices.


We provide knowledgable DataDog guidance for configuring and managing Logs. Integrating logs into DataDog can be tricky and pricey if you have large workloads and aren't cautious. We can help choose the appropriate integrations for ingestion and help you configure pipelines.


We help establish an efficient incident alerting and management process for your resources to execute on.


A key aspect of handling incidents is the ability to be automate as much as you can. By integrating to Slack and AWS SNS queues, we can alert your team via SMS or Slack. We can even help you integrate into SaaS like Statuspage to update a public status page when key services are failing

And more! Interested?

We can operate as consultants or take a more active role with our CaaS offerings. Learn more about CaaS and view our pricing below. We also do one-off projects!

Ready to get Started?

Book a free consult today and tell us how we can help you!

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