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Flxpoint Consulting

Our Founder helped build Flxpoint and served as its CTO for years so we have an unparalleled ability to ensure your success on the platform. Whether you are on Flxpoint today or need assistance migrating, we can help!

How We Help

We provide dedicated technical assistance and consulting for Flxpoint via our CTO as a Service offering. 

Dedicated Tech

Modern eCommerce operations can be complicated with the number of integrations, rules, and systems involved. We empower you by serving as a dedicated tech resource that you can leverage to help with issues and strategize approaches for improvement.


We help define and/or implement a viable inventory and catalog management strategy.


We'll help you understand the features and limitations of your Vendor integrations so you can run your inventory operations smoothly. This may involve things like building rules to compensate for data structures or adding layers of protection so inconsistencies don't have a negative impact.


We help with complex Order Routing scenarios and work to increase automation capabilities.


If your routing scenarios are complicated and you can't quite get the specific result you're searching for, we may be the right partner for you. We'll assess your business rules and help you configure your routing rules in the best way possible.


We help with questions or challenges interacting with Flxpoint's API or Integrations


We provide knowledgable Flxpoint API & webhook guidance and implementation support. We can help build operations to interact with the API, listeners for webhook actions, or provide overarching strategy and recommendations that we've seen be successful in the past. 

And more! Interested?

We can operate as consultants or take a more active role with our CaaS offerings. Learn more about CaaS and view our pricing below. We also do one-off projects!

Ready to get Started?

Book a free consult today and tell us how we can help you!

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