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JIRA Consulting

We've been working within the JIRA ecosystem for years and our team has configured projects completing thousands of tasks a year.

How We Help

We provide dedicated technical assistance and consulting for Flxpoint via our CTO as a Service offering. 

Dedicated Tech

Modern development operations can be complicated with the number of integrations, gateways, and systems involved. We empower you by serving as a dedicated tech resource that you can leverage to help with issues and strategize approaches for improvement.


We help you organize your JIRA workflows in a way that enables you to  track your team's time allocations for better capacity planning.

Teams & Time Tracking

We'll help you structure your JIRA tasks in a way that can track time spent by multiple team members on a single task. This can become difficult as you start incorporating more mature aspects of development like documentation, testing, review cycles, and marketing materials.


We help structure your JIRA automation and integrations in ways that help you  minimize the manual work without losing functionality.


We'll help you and your team save time by integrating the appropriate systems so the information you need is available to you where you need it. Whether this involves integrating dev tools like Github or support systems like Zendesk or Helpscout, we can streamline your operations with JIRA.


We have experience enabling custom workflows and even API integrations into JIRA to support your needs.

Custom Fields

We'll help configure the appropriate custom fields that track important business metrics and ensure those fit into your core workflows. While JIRA is a powerful system, there are limitations that require creative solutions. Maybe you need to track the number of days critical tickets remain open or another use case that doesn't fit nicely, we can help. 

And more! Interested?

We can operate as consultants or take a more active role with our CaaS offerings. Learn more about CaaS and view our pricing below. We also do one-off projects!

Ready to get Started?

Book a free consult today and tell us how we can help you!

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