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Github Consulting

We've worked with Github for over a decade and our team has configured repositories that have 15+ active contributors with automated quality gates.

How We Help

We provide dedicated technical assistance and consulting for Flxpoint via our CTO as a Service offering. 

Dedicated Tech

Modern development operations can be complicated with the number of integrations, rules, and systems involved. We empower you by serving as a dedicated tech resource that you can leverage to help with issues and strategize approaches for improvement.


We help define what are the important quality gates for your repositories and how to best configure and leverage those long-term.

Quality Gates

We'll help you understand and implement quality gates so your team can get automated feedback for their changes. This may involve things like configuring external code analysis tools to interact with Github webhooks and/or configuring repositories to depend on these gates for approval. 


We help simplify Github procedures and processes so Developers have a clear understanding of how to leverage source control.


Despite the fact that source control is ubiquitous, most devs just have a basic understanding and can make critical mistakes at times. We can help your team understand the basics as well as more nuanced scenarios to bolster their confidence when interacting with source control systems.


We help with questions or requirements to secure repositories or Github API interactions.

Branch Protection

Github branch protection is an important aspect to securing your repositories from malicious actors or inadvertent mistakes. We'll help you understand how you can enact branch protection in a way that's both beneficial and not invasive to your development operations.

And more! Interested?

We can operate as consultants or take a more active role with our CaaS offerings. Learn more about CaaS and view our pricing below. We also do one-off projects!

Ready to get Started?

Book a free consult today and tell us how we can help you!

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