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CTO as a Service

Get the technical leadership you've always wanted! Hire us to get a proven CTO / Technology Professional in your corner.

How we help

All engagements are catered to what you specifically need:

Need Support?

Get access to talk with an experienced CTO where & when you need it!

Email Support

9am to 7pm EST

Generally under 1 hour response times

Stop relying on generic or non-technical support. With us, you'll get access to talk with an experienced CTO via email with reasonable response times.

Need Strategy?

We can help define your challenges, recommend improvements, and build pragmatic roadmaps.


We can further define & research the challenges you face today.

We can work directly on known challenges that you provide us if there are technology challenges impeding the growth or success of your business operations. We can start by helping define & research these challenges to offer suitable solutions.

Need a Budget?

We can help track your costs, increase visibility, and automate budgets & alerts.

Tracking Costs

We can help you effectively track your tech costs for visibility

One of the most important aspects of technical leadership is understanding where your tech costs are deriving from and fitting them into meaningful cost categories. We help with this!

Need Tech?

We don't just recommend as a consultant, we can also build & configure tech!


We can help implement integrations between systems.

Data is everything. It can be tedious to get the right data, in the right system, in the right format. We can help solve integration challenges given our prior integration experience. 

Need Docs?

We can help document your current technologies & recommend/implement policies to improve operations.


We can help create diagrams & docs for your architecture

Whether you need to document software architecture, system integrations, or cloud infrastructure; we can help document via diagrams & other supporting resources to increase transparency and understanding.

Need Something Else?

We can help out businesses with a variety of technical challenges; too much to document here. Reach out to discuss your business challenges with us more in-depth!

Talent Acquisition

Get help with hiring or augmenting staff


Plan for future scaling necessary


Understand your security maturity


Plan for audit & governance controls


Strategize how to innovate


Optimize time or costs for efficiency

Quality Assurance

Develop a QA plan that fits you

Software Dev

Experienced software developers

How we operate

What you can expect from booking a consult

Consult &

We start with a FREE Consultation and a dedicated onboarding period for our engagements

Free Consult

We'll conduct a free consult with you to discuss how we can fit in.

Our free consult aims at understanding your business and our expected role in your operations if we're hired. This consult will include at least one meeting (additional may be recommended) to give all parties involved the information needed to ensure we're a good fit for each other.

Hourly  Work

Get ongoing support by retaining our services on a monthly basis and/or hire us for project work with on-demand hours

Retained hours

Retain our time on a monthly basis; discounted from our hourly rate

All of our recurring plans include monthly hours allotted for ongoing support. These hours allow us to dedicate time via phone, email, meetings, or async work on initiatives you've prioritized. You're in control of where you'd like us to allocate these hours  throughout our engagement. 


See what platforms we've been working with for years and how we can help you achieve success within each individual one.


We practically wrote the book for how to implement and configure Flxpoint. Check out how we can help you!


We're pros at configuring and designing Shopify experiences for our clients. Check out how we can help you!


We've been working with AWS for nearly a decade and have saved clients up to 40% on their bill and design new infrastructure!

We've learned how to get true value out of DataDog's monitoring, alerting, and logging solutions without insane expenses.


We've configured, automated and trained teams to leverage JIRA to optimize and automate their dev & business operations.


We've been leveraging Github for over a decade and offer the experience you need to evolve your code maturity practices.

And more! Interested?

Need to see more platforms? Need to know more about pricing? Check out the resources below. We also operate as consultants for one-off projects if you do not need our CaaS offering.

Ready to get Started?

Book a free consult today and tell us how we can help you!

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