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CTO as a Service

Get the technical leadership you've always wanted! Our CTO as a Service (CaaS) offering enables you to gain expert technical guidance in an affordable offering. Whether you need help building applications, augmenting your team, or someone to administer your technology stack; our team can handle it. With our CaaS offering you'll get an experienced and proven CTO in your corner!

Our Experience

We've helped build enterprise Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms like Flxpoint, Inventory Source, and; all while leveraging tools like Amazon Web Services, JIRA, DataDogGithub, and more. We have a unique skillset spanning from implementation to leadership in these ecosystems and we've packaged those skills into a consumable offering for you!

Empower Your Business with Tech Expertise

Do I really need a CTO?

For small companies, a CTO is just a fancy way to say "Tech Guru that can do it all".


We'll plug in and help in areas that make the most sense for your business.

Technical Leadership

Get technical leadership injected into your business operations! CTOs have a broad set of technical skills ranging from strategizing tech choices, scaling tech, integrating systems, and implementing solutions. In addition, CTOs are experienced leaders with skillsets that help with talent acquisition, presentations, communication, and aligning business objectives.

CTO Skills

A CTO has a broad range of skills that help companies at a variety of stages. Here are some example skills a small company might benefit from:

Website Work

Create high-performing websites

Choosing Systems

Choose the right systems for your business

System Integration

Integrate key systems for functionality

Tech Liaison

Get your own personal tech translator

Ongoing Support

Gain a trusted resource for tech support

Optimize with Tech

Optimize time or costs with tech solutions

Tech Security

Get practical security guidance for tech


Automate repeated work to increase focus


We practically wrote the book for how to implement and configure Flxpoint. Check out how we can help you!


We're pros at configuring and designing Shopify experiences for our clients. Check out how we can help you!


See what platforms we've been working with for years and how we can help you achieve success within each individual one.


We've been working with AWS for nearly a decade and have saved clients up to 40% on their bill and design new infrastructure!

We've learned how to get true value out of DataDog's monitoring, alerting, and logging solutions without insane expenses.


We've configured, automated and trained teams to leverage JIRA to optimize and automate their dev & business operations.


We've been leveraging Github for over a decade and offer the experience you need to evolve your code maturity practices.

Our Partners and Clients